Thursday, November 6, 2014

Real Hope and Change in Maryland

Living in Maryland is like living in the third world.  It is one party rule, and that party, the Democratic Party, is pretty much unchecked.  We have had two republican governors in our state’s history.  Spiro Agnew (around the time of Nixon) and Bob Ehrlich who was only elected for one term.  That’s it.

Governor Martin O’Malley has been in office for two terms.  Our lucky country will probably get to know him, as it is reported he will make a run for the White House.  (My apologies in advance:) Maryland is a prime example of the democrat policies run am-mock.

So what has happened in 8 years?  They have taxed literally everything except for the air we breathe.  Most people in Maryland think if they could figure out a way to tax the air, they would.  They have raised 40 consecutive taxes on everything from gas to rain. (See the complete list of tax and fee increases here: ) Yes, they really taxed the rain.)  They were one of the first states to implement Obamacare.  They did such a poor job of creating the health exchange website that they lost $288 million in taxpayer money, and had to scrap the entire thing.  Currently the OIG is looking into the fiasco for fraud and abuse. See the details here:  (The democrat who was running for governor, Brown, was in charge of this mess.)

What is the net result?  More people and more businesses have left the state in droves.  We are losing 13,000 families a year to other states.  We have also lost a large amount of Fortune 500 companies.  One of the largest employers, McCormick, is actively looking to leave the state as well.

 Larry Hogan, a republican businessman was one of the surprise wins in Tuesday’s election beating out Brown for governor.  This race flew under the radar as Brown was the assumed winner. This was a shocker to most of the pundits as democrats outnumber republicans in this state 2:1.  It just goes to show that even in a deep blue state like Maryland, people have their breaking point.

I truly wish governor elect Hogan best wishes as he takes the top spot in Annapolis.  I hope he can bring some sanity, business and residents back to our state.  I would also like to thank Chris Christie who campaigned tirelessly for Hogan.  His efforts made all the difference in such a tight race. 

 I hope this election is the start of finally having a two party system in Maryland.  The democrats were able to pass such horrible tax policies because they have gone unchecked.  It is never a good idea to elect every official with the same mindset and thinking. Our political system is set up to encourage the exchange of ideas.  I am hoping this encourages Marylanders to continue to elect a diverse group of representatives; not just diverse in gender or ethnicity, but also diverse in their beliefs.  GO HOGAN


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