Sunday, July 13, 2014

Third World Kids At Home

Last week a video of an African American woman went viral as she vented to news cameras about all of the money being used for the immigrant children who are flooding our border.  She rightly complained that her kids are in dire need for these resources, and they get nothing.  She thought the funds should be used to help our kids here at home.  This video was picked up by many conservatives , and she became the voice for the everyday American who is wondering why we are spending money we don’t have, on people who aren’t even here legally.  You can see her video here:

The chief argument I hear from liberals is “it’s about the children.”  They argue that these children are “refugees,” fleeing untenable situations.  Mind you, these children are primarily fleeing Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala, none of these counties has been declared a war zone.  They argue that anyone opposed to letting in these children is “unchristian” and “heartless, “and dare I say “un-American.”

This made me ask the question: how bad is it really in their countries? Is it really worst than Detroit?  I really started wondering if the violence in El Salvador was as bad as it is in West Baltimore, home of the infamous show The Wire.

The first article I came upon makes the counterpoint to my argument.  They smartly compare crime in these countries to Chicago, since 80 people were shot there over the July 4th weekend.  One good thing about living near a city with high crime, we know how to look at crime stats. Chicago has a lot of people so the murder rate is actually way less than other cities if you look at it on a per capita basis. The only good thing about the article, is it gave the murder stats for Honduras (90 murders for 100,000 people), El Salvador (41 murders for 100,000 people), and Guatemala (40 murders for 100,000 people.) Here is their article:

True, Honduras has a high murder rate, but sadly, it’s pretty close to Flint, Michigan which tops the charts with 62 murders for every 100,000 people!  (These are all 2012 figures) The murder rate in Flint is certainly higher than El Salvador and Guatemala! Detroit comes in close at 55 murders for every 100,000 people. New Orleans ranks high at 53 murders for every 100,000 people.  Baltimore is up there as well at 35 murders for every 100,000 people. See all crime stats here:

If Obama is making the argument that these children are suffering from living in countries riddled with crime, I think the data supports that kids living in New Orleans, Detroit, Flint, and Baltimore, are living in more dire conditions than the kids in Guatemala and El Salvador.  In fact, the kids living in these US cities would have less crime moving to those countries!  Frankly, we should be ashamed that children here in the US are living in 3rd world, violent conditions.  By helping these immigrant kids, Washington is side stepping our own kids, living in their own war zone, to help kids who have entered illegally.

The lady in the video was 100% correct.  You need to clean your own house before you clean someone else’s.  We don’t have the money to help all of the children flooding our border, but if we are going to spend it anyway, we should spend it in cities like Detroit.  Whether or not we want to face it, we have our own 3rd world kids here at home.


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