Thursday, July 31, 2014

Israel: Freedom and Order

Even though I am religiously Catholic, I have followed the teachings of  Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks.  He is a religious leader, philosopher, and professor. He also served as Chief Rabbi of England from 1991 through 2013.  He has lectured at universities around the globe, has met with the Catholic bishops as well as the Pope. He is one of the most thought provoking teachers of our time. 

This week he wrote an article regarding the conflict in Israel.  I hope you take the time to read it.  His article is one of the most eloquent pieces written on the topic.  Rabbi Sacks puts the Israeli conflict, and the need for the very existence of Israel into religious context.  He writes,  "What the Torah tells us early on is how humanity failed. They did so in two ways,  They created freedom without order.  Or they created order without freedom.  That is still the human tragedy."  He goes on to say that Israel answers the biblical need in the world for "freedom without anarchy, order without tyranny."

If you only read one article on this conflict, I suggest you read this one.  Here is the link:

You can follow Rabbi Sacks on Twitter at @rabbisacks  You can also find many of Rabbi Sack's lectures on YouTube.  Nothing like being able to attend a lecture given at Cambridge from your living room.

My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Israel.


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