Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Making Men the Weaker Sex

I was humbled and amazed by the huge response to my article last week “Feminism and the New Rape Culture,” where I gave the conservative spin on feminism.  I was shocked specifically by the number of men that responded via Twitter to say that the article struck a chord.  Apparently, as a woman, I said what they could not.  Yes, if you haven’t noticed, these feminists are brutal.

What do feminists think about men?  The conclusion I reached after I perused their blogs and hashtags, is not much.  The best is how they continually have to explain that they “are NOT man haters.” That should tell you something. I guess it wouldn’t be so disturbing if I thought this sentiment was from a small faction on the left.  Unfortunately, I am seeing posts from regular stay at home moms about the “rape culture.” I fear this thinking is seeping into middle America.

All of this puts men in an awkward predicament.  They are completely unable to defend themselves in this situation.  What many men find frustrating in the debate, is that there is no debate. Any man that comments on “women’s issues” is quickly put in his place.  This is one topic for which men have no right to an opinion or a voice.

Despite what the feminists think, men need a seat at the debate table.  These cultural shifts are impacting them more than many realize. As women are on the winning end of these changes, men are ultimately losing.  I had several guys send me the recent statistics on boys today.  They are so bad, I sought to verify them.  According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, as reported by PBS:

“Boys are 30% more likely than girls to flunk out of school.

56% of bachelor’s degrees and 55% of graduate degrees are earned by women.

Boys make up 2/3 of students in special ed, and are 5 times more likely to be classified as hyperactive.”

It seems as society has focused more on advancing women, we have been ignoring our sons.  One book that addresses this phenomenon is “Manning Up, How the Rise of Women Has Turned Men Into Boys” by Kay Hymowitz.  You can read an interview with her discussing her book here:  It has given me a lot to think about as I look at my own children. For example, if I am participating in “take your daughter to work day,” could it ultimately have a larger impact on my son?  What is the message he takes from staying behind?

Men are on the receiving end of what women have complained about for decades. I am glad that I don’t face the same challenges of my grandmother’s generation, but I don’t believe that for women to succeed, men have to fail.  A woman’s strength is not dependant on a man’s weakness.  We can celebrate our differences, instead of creating a “gender neutral” society.  We need strong men in the world, whether feminists want to recognize that or not. It is through their strength that we may ultimately find ours.









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