Thursday, June 19, 2014

Feminism and the New Rape Culture

I am a recovering feminist.  I grew up in a household that bought everything the democratic party was selling, and part of the sales pitch was feminism.  If you look up “feminism” in the dictionary it sounds like something that everyone would and should embrace.  Word web defines it as “a doctrine that advocates equal rights for women.” Why would anyone be against that?  When I went to college and started my career, it was with the full expectation that I would have the same opportunities as a man.  Indeed, my life has worked out that way.

My early career was not without its challenges.  I worked in male dominated businesses.  I personally experienced inappropriate comments, uncomfortable situations, and full on sexual harassment in the workplace.  I became stronger, and succeeded in spite of it.

So why am I telling you all of this? Because I want you to know I get it, I have lived it, and I am here to tell you the liberals have feminism all wrong these days. It has started with women throwing themselves up as the sexual football, pulling it away like Lucy in the Charlie Brown comic strip, which has resulted in the #YesAllWomen hashtag.

As Time Magazine reported, before Rodger Elliot went on a shooting rampage in Santa Barbara, he put out a YouTube video where he ranted about how women ignored him, and ultimately he would get his revenge.  As a response to his rant, women took to the internet to unload about how they are constantly victimized by men, using the #YesAllWomen hashtag.  This went viral and caused another discussion within liberal circles of “the rape culture.”

The end of my feminist rope came when I finally stumbled upon this article entitled “A Gentleman’s Guide To Rape Culture.”  The article starts like this: “If you are a man, you are a part of the rape culture…You’re not a rapist, necessarily,  But you do perpetuate the attitudes and behaviors commonly referred to as rape culture.”  He goes on to write that women basically are in constant fear of being attacked, or raped by men.  Men should go above and beyond to make women feel safe and secure so that they know you are not a rapist. Even better, he curses through the whole article, dropping a few “f” bombs.  Hey, isn’t the “f” bomb PART of the rape culture? I’m so confused!

I find all of this so ironic. Isn’t feminism supposed to be about the empowerment of women? Is the left truly saying that the only way women can feel safe is for men to make them feel that way? You know they would never suggest taking a self defense class or worst yet knowing how to use, and/or carry a weapon.

The other part that struck me was the lack of personal responsibility among women. Tweet after tweet on the hashtag discussed how women were being violated after they had put themselves in precarious situations. No one deserves to be raped, but certainly some situations can increase the likelihood. I guess it’s hard for me to reconcile #YesAllWomen and the spring break party culture for example. 

It's easier to be treated like a lady if you act like one.  When women have respect for themselves, and act like ladies, I think they have firmer ground to stand on.  I am living proof that wearing a conservative suit won't protect you from sexual harassment.  However, women need to face the fact that we contribute to the problem when we send mixed signals.  We haven't come THAT far.  If you dress and act like a porn star, you will probably be treated like one.  (That's why our parents always said "if it looks like a duck...") When women blur the line of what is acceptable, they shouldn’t be upset when men don’t know they’ve crossed it.
My real wish is for the conservatives to take over the feminist movement.  This may be the perfect time to do it.  Conservatives hold the message for real female empowerment, whether that comes through self protection, self advancement, or self awareness.  The conservative message for women doesn't rely on men to make our world safer, or rely on government to negotiate our salaries as is the case with Equal Pay.  We make our own world safer, make our own opportunities, and succeed in spite of adversity.  Conservative "feminists" don't create blurred lines, we create finish lines. We need to own the race we are winning.


  1. You are absolutely correct. As a male I have been taught to protect "the weaker sex" and yet during my 67 years on this planet I have decided that the "Weaker Sex" includes anyone who cannot or does not want to protect themselves...Male or Female.

  2. It might not have been your intention, but a lot of this comes off as blatant victim blaming.

    "You know they would never suggest taking a self defense class or worst yet knowing how to use, and/or carry a weapon."

    I have no issue with either of these things. I think the problem many feminists have with these suggestions is the idea that they alone solve rape culture. Sure, if you're walking alone at night and some guy starts following you, a gun might come in very handy. But the fact of the matter is that most sexual assaults are perpetrated by someone the victim knows. Not to mention all the minors who can't own a gun yet.

    "I guess it’s hard for me to reconcile #YesAllWomen and the spring break party culture for example."

    Well, first of all you're assuming that the same women partying were the same tweeting in that tag. Also, I find it ironic that you talk about personal responsibility, but you never mention the guy's responsibility. Neither sex should be getting totally wasted.

    "It's easier to be treated like a lady if you act like one. When women have respect for themselves, and act like ladies, I think they have firmer ground to stand on."

    This is very blatant victim blaming. It doesn't matter if the woman is conservatively dressed or a stripper. If she does not consent, it is assault. Saying otherwise implies that men are just animals who can't control themselves. I think higher of men than that.

    Look, I'm actually pretty conservative in my personal life. I don't like hook-up culture. Never been on spring break. I don't even drink. I take common sense precautions to protect myself. But I think the victim blaming in our culture is disgusting. Imagine if every time someone got mugged they were subjected to a barrage of questions about how they might have brought on the attack.

  3. You ARE 100% correct!!! The point where you really drive that home, is accountability.
    Today's Dumicrat wouldn't know accountability, if it hit his head, after it entered anally!!!!
    NOTHING is their fault! Even if it was, NOTHING would be done about it!!

    Our once great Nation is severely injured, and we MUST take it back - before it's too late.....