Sunday, July 26, 2015

Why the Confederate Flag and not Planned Parenthood?

In the face of the shooting in Charleston, we have seen the start of trying to remove any history of slavery and racism.  This started with the removal of the Confederate flag from the State House in South Carolina (something which I supported,) then went on to the ridiculous, in an attempt to remove any statue or remnant of the Civil War. Here in Maryland they are looking to rename Robert E. Lee Park, take down all monuments that were erected years ago to famous leaders in the Civil War. Other states are looking to do the same.  Major retailers announced they would no longer sell Confederate flags.  Civil War museums were put in the awkward position of justifying their use of the flag. It was announced this week that Connecticut Democrats were even planning to remove Jackson and Jefferson’s names from their fundraising dinner because of their ties to slavery.

Underground videos were released this week regarding Planned Parenthood’s involvement in collecting money for the donation of fetal organs.  It begs the question, where is the uproar about the history of Planned Parenthood? Why are people screaming for every historical figure with a connection to slavery be wiped from the earth, for every Confederate flag to be banned, yet an entity with a history deep rooted in eugenics, and a comprehensive plan for black genocide, be spared this scrutiny?  Is the black community, the NAACP, and the #BlackLivesMatter movement so tied to the Democratic Party and their love for Planned Parenthood that they are free from this objectivity?  Do they know the history? Are they willing to face the history with the same tenacity?

I have been actively talking to African American Planned Parenthood supporters all week on Twitter about the history of Planned Parenthood, and their deep link to the eugenics movement that sought to reduce the black population. I have yet to have anyone refute these claims or argue the facts.  Most people are either replying with insults, changing the subject, or blocking me on Twitter. I did have one person tell me that this connection between eugenics and Planned Parenthood was ancient history.  If that is true, couldn’t the same be said for the Confederate flag, Jefferson, and all of the Civil War memorials?

Planned Parenthood has a deep rooted history in the eugenics movement that started with the American Birth Control League.  After the Civil War there was a huge question of what to do with the slaves, as they could not send them back.  From there, the eugenics movement was started. The founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, was a huge proponent of eugenics and felt strongly that the black population could and should be reduced via birth control and abortion.  During World War II, eugenics was linked to the Holocaust, and for this reason, the American Birth Control League rebranded themselves and changed their name to Planned Parenthood.  From there, Sanger’s goal of black genocide went underground.  With her message of family planning, she courted influential people in the black community to carry out her plans, and seduced the black community to implement her vision themselves.  (Read more here:   If you want a full history of Planned Parenthood, their ties to eugenics, and black genocide, I suggest you take the time to watch this documentary on the subject:  MAAFA 21: The Black Holocaust) 

So how does this history impact what we see today? Was her vision realized? Yes, it appears so. Abortion kills more people in the African American community than heart disease, cancer, accidents, violent crimes, and AIDS combined.   79% of all Planned Parenthood abortion facilities are in black and Hispanic communities.  About 50% of all black pregnancies end in abortion. In the movie referenced above, they note that the most dangerous place for an African American is to be in their mother’s womb.

Before any more flags are banned, monuments moved or destroyed, before any more history is rewritten to make it “slavery and prejudice free,” I challenge the black community to take as hard a look at Planned Parenthood with the same lens.  I challenge those chanting #BlackLivesMatter to learn their history about their own holocaust, one they have supported via Planned Parenthood.  If truly #BlackLivesMatter, and history matters, then the history and lives impacted by Planned Parenthood must matter.  The black community should ask the question 'why ban the Confederate flag and not Planned Parenthood?'